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Cookie Policy

The information below can help you better understand how cookies work and the use of existing tools to configure them. These are general information that applies in part on our site.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file placed on the hard drive of your computer, tablet or mobile when you visit a website. Its interest facilitate browsing, to offer you personalized services by collecting information according to your sites and consultations during the cookie duration. Cookie setting can be managed in your browser. You have the choice to enable or disable cookies on your computer (see below).

Cookies set by a site or third parties when you visit a website do not acknowledge personally as an individual; they recognize only the device you're using. Cookies cause no damage of any kind to your device but they allow you to take advantage of some features of a website (for example, they allow you to make reservations and go back to the pages on which you've researched. They also help the publisher to keep the secure website, remember your preferences and customize content).


Different types of cookies

To fully use a website on your computer, tablet or mobile, you must accept cookies. Some technical cookies are sometimes essential for the proper functioning of a website. Removing them can cause navigation difficulties and the inability to purchase online offers. On websites, you can find different types of cookies.

1 – Technical cookies (including audience statistics)

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of a website. Examples of technical cookies: whether or not you are connected to your customer booked space or space management of your selected products or services ... Any site is also likely to use cookies statistical and audience measures aimed at determining the number of visitors, pages visited ... it also allows the publisher to identify possible bugs on the site, to correct and to propose an offer appropriate.

2 - Third-party applications cookies

On some sites, there are applications that allow you to express or share our content with other people, and especially on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Even if you have not used those sharing buttons or applications, it is possible that social networks follow your navigation if ever your account or session is enabled on your computer at that time. We advise you to inquire about the procedures and policies for data protection these social networks’ sites.

3 - Advertising partners cookies

These are cookies placed by companies other than the visited site which are often business partners, targeted advertising providers. The site manager has no power to act over these cookies that are managed by other companies. Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information in this cookie. A site of advertising partners may transmit their information in connection with your purchases and products consulted if this is the case. These companies must commit to keep sensitive data under the Data Protection Act (6 January 1978).

4 – Optional cookies

These cookies are intended to improve the user experience and facilitate user research by offering products and offers related to the user's interests. They are not essential to navigation. Examples of cookies: custom banners display outside our site, product recommendations system (last accessed occurs, you will also like ...).

Cookie management

- What happens if I do not allow cookies?

If cookies are not allowed on your computer, tablet or mobile, using features of a website can sometimes be limited (for example, some commercial sites, depending on browsers, it may be that you can not navigate freely throughout the site or you can not add products into your cart and purchase them).

- Managing cookies from your own computer

By setting your browser you can at any time decide whether to enable cookies or not on your computer. This configuration allows you to accept / reject all cookies or to treat them case by case. Total prohibition of cookies on your computer can cause navigation problems on a site. To disable cookies in your browser, please visit the following pages:

Internet explorer




For other browsers: Please consult your documentation or online help files

- Managing third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are not recorded by the website you visit. Therefore, we suggest you to look at the websites of these third parties for further information on the cookies they set and how they handle them.

To learn more about cookies, please visit the website of the CNIL.

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