Maintaining rattan chairs, armchairs and sofas

Maintaining rattan furniture is very simple. A few respectful gestures is all that's needed towards the fine materials that make up our rattan chairs and armchairs, whether they are natural or synthetic. This will guarantee that your Rotin-Design rattan furniture lasts a long time and stays perfect.

Remember to regularly dust them using a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth.

For natural rattan furniture, we recommend that you clean it once a quarter with warm water, a bit of detergent and a few drops of ammonia solution. Rinsed and dried, varnished rattan furniture should then be treated with linseed oil and polished with a soft cloth.

To treat and clean your rattan chairs and armchairs at the same time, you can rub them with an emulsion of linseed oil (half a glass of linseed oil per litre of warm water, with a tablespoon of turpentine added), before rinsing them with cold water.

Gently moisturised and nourished, the plant fibres that make up the rattan will thus keep all their flexibility and their appearance, and you won't notice any more little creaks that can occur when the fibres dry out.

Synthetic rattan furniture, insensitive to most stains, only requires minimal maintenance. It is not sensitive to dust, stains or even sun creams or oils in the summer. A simple sponge with a non-abrasive detergent will be enough to keep it clean.

These few simple gestures will enable you to keep your furniture for a long time, in a perfectly beautiful condition.

Laundry Guide for Pillowcases

  • - Machine wash 30°C, gentle wash.
  • - Do not bleach.
  • - Cool iron.
  • - Do not tumble dry.
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