Our Furniture is made with a base of natural materials

Our chairs and armchairs in natural rattan

The structure is made from wood or bamboo, and the coverings are made from woven rattan fibres or other natural fibrous materials.

Some models are supplied with foam cushions with a density of 11, 18 or 22kg/m3 depending on the model. These cushions have removable or non-removable covers depending on the model, in cotton or dacron (polyester) depending on the model.

Carefully selected quality materials

All the wood, bamboo and rattan materials that we use are dried out and treated to prevent insect and termite attacks, guaranteeing you that the rattan furniture offered by Rotin-Design has exceptional sustainability.

Our frameworks are made from solid mahogany or mango wood, or from bamboo stems.


Mahogany is a very common variety of wood in America, Africa and Asia. It belongs to the Meliaceae family. It is a leafy wood, brown to red in colour, with a fine grain, has been used for a long time for its beautiful appearance and its strength for the production of furniture, boats and furnishings.

Exploited for its range of uses in craft and industry, this variety is subject to numerous reforestation programmes across the world to ensure the replenishment of this variety of wood which is no longer an endangered species. The mahogany used in Rotin-Design products comes exclusively from the forests of Indonesia.


Mangifera is a tree from the Anacardiaceae family, originating from Southern Asia, largely grown in tropical countries for its fruit, the mango. It is largely grown in all the tropical countries, particularly in Africa, Brazil, Asia and Indonesia.

Mangifera wood is used a lot in the manufacture of furniture and numerous items for interior decoration, vases, dishes and various objects.

Its appearance is close to that of the walnut tree with a ridged effect, and its colour goes from light brown to dark brown. It is a resistant and solid wood. It is machined easily and, once polished, has a pleasant, warm surface with a grain that is much appreciated in carpentry and cabinet-making.


Bamboo is a very common plant across all continents outside of Europe. There are more than 1200 species of it. Bamboo is characterised by stems made up of a hollow straw (cane), lignified (transformed into wood) with very rapid growth. Bamboo stems are rich in silica, very hard and resistant; they are also light.

This is why they are frequently used in the construction of lightweight housing (bungalows, shelters etc.) and sometimes even scaffolding for breathtakingly high heights (more than 400m tall for some skyscrapers!) Their use in furniture manufacture is part of ancestral traditions in numerous countries in Asia.

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