Pay completely securely!

Orders are made and paid for primarily on our website

Orders and payment on the website www.rotin-design.co

Our secure website enables you to make a payment for your order by entering your card details completely securely: these details are encrypted and sent directly to the payment services centre and do not pass through our information server.

The icons displayed at the bottom of the page indicate that you are on a secure part of the website.

The order will only be valid when the banks involved have given their consent. In the event that the banks decline, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer informed by email.

Payment in up to 4 times without fee

Possibility to pay in 3 or 4 times:

  • by credit card;
  • without formalities or supporting documents.

How to pay in several times?

In the process of passing the order, chose the option "Payment in 3 or 4 times without fee" via credit card. The first payment will be charged the same day, the second payment after 30 days, the third payment after 60 days, and the forth payment after 90 days (in the case of a payment in four times).

Orders via mail or fax, and payment

But if you wish, we can also receive your orders via mail (address: Rotin-Design - S.A.S Sodima – 10 Route de Riom – RN 9 - 63118 Cébazat, France) or via fax (+33 (0) 4 73 23 36 84).

In any case, after processing, an order confirmation will be sent to the postal address that you have given us, or to your postal address by default. This confirmation will specify the provisional delivery periods and will confirm your order total.

Orders can only be accepted when you send details of a notice of bank transfer into our account:

  • (Banque Nuger Branch code 13489 Sort code 04452 Account number 10853700200 Key: 54 IBAN: FR76 1348 9044 5210 8537 0020 054  BIC: BNUGFR21).

The goods/items can only be dispatched after your payment has been received into our account and the bank has confirmed the payment has been processed, or after we have received notice of your bank transfer into our account.

We can also note down, via mail or fax, your debit or credit card details and send them securely to our payment partner.

After validating your transaction, your card details are not kept.
For security reasons, please do not send your debit or credit card details via email.

Eco Participation, Eco Furniture

Since 1st May 2013, furniture has been subject to a new regulation encouraging the reuse and recycling of used furniture. Eco Participation or Eco Furniture is an amount added to the sale price of the items of furniture sold in France. It must include the cost of collection and treating the items of furniture at their end of life. The cost scale is defined depending on the types of products.

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