Rattan furniture, ancestral heritage

Since the Middle Ages, trade exchanges have developed between East and West and travellers have brought rattan furniture and objects back from Asia that are appreciated in our countries.

Gradually, using canes in furniture became more prominent and more appreciated, as shown by the "Regency" or "Louis XV" styles of furniture. But it was only towards the end of the 19th century that the production of rattan furniture began to develop in this part of the world with the intensification of trade exchanges. Rattan furniture was imported as well as rattan fibres, used by national basket-makers for productions made in Europe.

Today there are a few rare production workshops still going in France and Europe, but the majority of rattan furniture is imported from Indonesia and, since fairly recently, from China.

In Indonesia in particular, a country where working with rattan is a great tradition, the producers have evolved and have developed partnerships with Western operators. Today they create furniture that marries their ancestral production traditions with Western lifestyle and tastes. Their productions are enriched with contemporary, designer furniture, suitable for Western people's modern interiors.

Trendy and aesthetic rattan products

It is in this spirit that Rotin-Design has its models of rattan chairs and armchairs created: aesthetically pleasing, modern, contemporary, with pure lines, comfortable and solid. We combine a choice of colours, different finishes and various textures with the Indonesian rattan craftspeople's know-how. This enables us to offer you a wide range of high quality products, but at discount prices thanks to the choice of direct sales.

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