Rattan is an ideal material for the manufacture of seats and furniture

Rattan is the usual name given to several varieties of palms that are very common in South-East Asia. They are climbing palms, the stems of which resemble bamboo. Diameters and lengths are very variable according to the variety: they can reach 400 metres in length.

The manufacture of rattan furniture - an ancestral tradition

Extremely prolific, the different palm stems that constitute rattan led to an ancient craft of weaving for the creation of various objects and in particular the production of rattan furniture .

Unlike bamboo stems, rattan stems are full: they are flexible, resistant and unaffected by changes in temperature. Products from the whole stem, and others exclusively from the core of the stem are extracted from it (rattan core). Among the shapes, splines (flattened shapes) and canes (round shapes) stand out. The splines are used for caning while the rattan canes are used for weaving. When wet, the rattan stem (spline or cane) is firm and flexible and is easily worked; when dry it keeps its shape.

The different varieties of palms allow us to naturally obtain stems of different colours, from "natural light" to "natural dark brown". What's more, the stems accept tints and varnishes very easily, allowing a wide choice of finishes.

The exceptional properties that make rattan the ideal material for the manufacture of seats and furniture

For its furniture, Rotin-Design asks its suppliers to select the best varieties of rattan.

All the furniture is made by hand in artisan workshops: this is what gives it its qualities and personalities. Items of furniture can therefore differ - very slightly - from the photographs shown on our website.

Depending on the model, you will find the following designations:

  • Woven rattan: exclusively rattan core for furniture selected by Rotin-Design
  • Two-colour rattan: strands of rattan core of different natural colours woven together
  • Tinted rattan: rattan (rattan core) tinted by being immersed in colour baths
  • Tinted rattan furniture: colour applied to the finished item of furniture, sprayed with an electrostatic gun using a paint tunnel
  • Croco (Rattan): variety of naturally dark brown rattan
  • Varnished rattan: application of colourless cellulosic matt or glossy varnish which warms the colour of the rattan fibres and gives them increased resistance and a silky touch
  • Abaca: banana plant fibres for weaving furniture
  • Kubu (grey): wide-stemmed variety of rattan, where the grey colour is obtained by leaving the rattan stems in the ground for some time.

All furniture receives a semi-matt varnish applied with an electrostatic gun, then a finishing polish. It all has a soft and slightly satiny surface appearance.

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