Woven resin, poly rattan, synthetic rattan: materials designed for the outdoors

A rattan chair or armchair is made up of two parts. Firstly a frame is assembled, which provides the furniture with shape and solidity so that you can sit down safely. A woven cover in several shapes made from natural or synthetic fibres dresses the frame and gives your seat comfort and its final look.

Our synthetic rattan garden suites, chairs and armchairs:

Are perfectly suitable for outdoor use, yet wouldn't spoil your interior, with aluminium structure and polyethylene synthetic fibre covering.

Some models are supplied with high-density polyurethane foam cushions (density of 11, 18 or 22kg/m3 depending on the model) for optimum comfort. These cushions have removable or non-removable covers depending on the model, in cotton or dacron (polyester) depending on the model. They can all be dry-cleaned or, depending on the model, washed at a low temperature.


Aluminium allows daring shapes, ensures great solidity and, as it is very light, enables the production of seats that are easy to move from one place or room to another. It is completely unaffected by water and humidity, does not rust and is perfectly suitable for use in a garden, by a pool or next to a pond.

Rattan resin, Synthetic Rattan:

Weaving is done with synthetic polyethylene fibres, made from the petrochemical industry. Polyethylene is one of the simplest and most common polymers. It makes up half of plastic packaging (cling films for food and agricultural use etc.).  It is translucent and can easily be body tinted. Chemically inert, it is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures and is very resistant to strong oxidising agents and other aggressive agents. It is fully recyclable.

For manufacturing furniture, it is used in the form of long fibres perfectly imitating the appearance and the touch of natural rattan fibre.

Synthetic Rattan is a special outdoor material:

Flexible, solid, resistant, completely rot-proof, unaffected by water, even chlorinated pool-water, changes in temperature and even the sun's UV rays, these fibres enable the creation of "all-use" seats.

Most stains will not affect synthetic rattan, which is very easy to maintain. It is not sensitive to dust, stains or even sun creams or oils in the summer: a simple sponge with a non-abrasive detergent will be enough.

These technical qualities, the possibilities for its use and its resistance warrant it being used very frequently in very demanding ways (furniture for public spaces, restaurants or bars).

With the Garden Suites, chairs and armchairs in synthetic rattan and woven resin offered by Rotin-Design, you have the guarantee of an investment that will last a long time... and at a very low price.

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